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Over-the-Hill Sex Books. Drool Proof Edition. These humorous Over-The-Hill sex books are great fun. The 6”x6” books resembled baby bath books with plastic puffy pages that make them “Drool Proof”. The clever, non offensive text and illustrations make this a great gag gift for any Over-The-Hill birthday boy or girl.

Product Description

A funny book to share with friends who are turning, or already turned 40 or 50! This book is a great gag gift!

Over The Hill Sex is:

When "Getting Lucky" means you can remember where you left your Viagra.

When it takes longer to rest that it did to get tired!

When a "Night Out" means watching TV on the porch in your flannel pajamas.

When you need your bifocals to see through your wife's see-through nightie.

When you get up more than once a night, it's to go to the bathroom.

When having SEX becomes more like Thanksgiving than the Fourth of July!

When the gleam in your eye is most likely the sun reflecting off your bifocals.

When you can't get your motor stated even though you're full of gas.

When the only part of your body that stays hard is your arteries.

When the scent of your cologne is overpowered by the smell of your Ben-Gay.

When you turn off the lights, it's usually to save money, not for romance.

When you get the urge, you can't remember what for!

This is a great gag gift for family and friends.

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